“Adding compassion to our work here makes it a very satisfying place to be.”

– Beth O’Neill

Beth O’Neill

    Beth O’Neill has enjoyed working at Dutcher & Zatkowsky since 2002.

    In addition to working directly with Miles Zatkowsky on a multitude of matters, she also supervises and does hands on work on our guardianships and discharge of guardians.

    Our positions here require compassion since many of our clients are in or near crisis situations when they call and require immediate attention and care. Beth enjoys the relationships she has gained over the years working with the Courts, other attorneys, social agencies, and medical and social work staff in the community.

    Beth feels we are very responsive to our clients’ needs and it is very satisfying being able to reassure them that we will handle it or provide them with specific information to navigate their particular situation.

    When not at work, she loves to travel, and enjoy family, many friends, and live music whenever possible!


    You can call Beth at
    585.256.0090 x 103
    or email her at