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4 Rochester Area Nursing Homes Fined

The Long Term Care Community Coalition, a not-for-profit organization which reports to the public all enforcement actions taken against nursing ohmes by the state and federal governments, reported recently the fining of 3 Monroe County and 1 Ontario County nursing home.

  • Blossom Health Center (989 Blossom Road, Monroe County), was fined $2,000 by the New York State Department of Health (“NYSDOH”) for deficiencies in accidents and supporvision relating to the use of side rails on patient beds.
  • Blossom North (1335 Portland Avenue, Monroe County), was cited by NYSDOH for numerous deficiencies from a complaint survey in October 2009.  These errors included significant medication errors and insufficient nursing staff.
  • St. Ann’s (1500 Portland Avenue, Monroe County) was fined for deficiencies including staff trreatment of residents and quality of care.
  • Ontario County Health facility (Canandaigua, Ontario County) was assessed a federal penalty of $4,550 relating to a finding of unsafe wandering by a resident.

It is important for all family members to remember to be an advocate for their loved one in a long term care facility.  Visit frequently and at different times of the day so different staff during multiple shifts know the resident has an advocate.

You can monitor findings regarding nursing homes at www.nursinghome411.org by clicking on New York Nursing Home Enforcements.

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