Promoting Healthy Aging During Healthy Aging Month

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September is Healthy Aging Month. There are a myriad of ways seniors can stay fit and active. Promoting healthy aging is the focus of September, but should be a lifestyle everyone pursues. Being proactive is the best way to assure healthy aging. The Rochester climate may not lend itself to year-round outdoor activity, but Rochester Elder Law Attorney Miles Zatkowsky says that, “Healthy living leads to healthy aging and longer lives.”

When it comes to aging, genetics play a role, but seniors, or anyone of any age, can take steps to assure better health. If you’re genetically predisposed to a health condition, work with your physician to assure you’re taking steps toward good health.

Promoting Healthy Aging During Healthy Aging Month

Fight nature

Look at the health histories of family members. Take a gander at how old relatives were when they passed. Talk with your physician about your family history; when you do that you can work with him or her to assure you’re fighting nature and genetics to assure you have the longest, healthiest life possible.

You can beat some genetic diseases by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Embrace healthy options to take preventive action to help assure you’re as healthy as you can be as you move into your 60s, 70s and beyond. Remaining active and engaged is one of the single biggest gifts you can give yourself, and your health. Staying physically and mentally active and nurturing social connections with friends and family are crucial to keeping mind and body sharp.

A sedentary lifestyle devoid of interaction with friends and family lead to health issues and isolation can lead to depression.

Visit your doctor

Don’t ignore symptoms. If you’re not feeling well, don’t “wait for it to go away.” While you don’t need to visit the doctor for every ailment, know yourself and your body well enough to detect if there is something out of the ordinary.

Have an annual physical examination. Schedule the tests your doctor recommends. Take your vitamins. Take medications as prescribed.

Here are ways you can help assure you are aging in a healthy way

Never stop moving: Take a dance class. Go for a walk. Walk around the house when the weather isn’t amenable to outdoor activity. Join a class at the senior center. Practice senior yoga. Swim some laps at the local YMCA. Mow the lawn. Spend time in the garden.

Eat healthy meals: Downsize portions. Many Americans aren’t aware of proper portion sizes and inevitably eat larger portions than recommended. Overeating leads to obesity which could lead to diabetes or heart disease. Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods. Drink a lot of water.

Keep your mind active: Grab the newspaper, or read it on your tablet, while you eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Keeping your mind active and engaged may ward off brain chemistry changes that could lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Work on the crossword puzzle. Read a book.

Call a friend: Staying in touch with friends and family will ward off isolation which could lead to depression. If you can no longer drive, look for transportation services in Rochester that can help you get out and attend social events. If you’re computer literate, schedule Facetime conversations with children and grandchildren. Volunteer at your favorite charity. Interact with and talk to someone daily.

At Rochester Elder Law, our elder law attorneys, work with seniors and with individuals and families of any age who want to take care of estate planning, discuss long-term care intricacies and prepare a Last Will and Testament. We never want to be alarmist, but it is best to have your legal paperwork in order before a crisis arises. Life changes including marriage, divorce, births, death and changes in financial circumstance could warrant a visit with an elder law attorney to assure your estate plans reflect your current situation.

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