Are Your Parents Having Troubles Managing Personal Or Financial Aspects Of Their Lives?

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When you visit your aging parents do they appear to be having troubles managing the personal or financial aspects of their life? Are their bills going unpaid? Is the refrigerator bare? Does it appear they haven’t bathed recently? If you notice any of these signs it may be time to talk with a Rochester Elder Law attorney about whether pursuing guardianship allowing you to legally assist your aging parents with the personal, legal and financial aspects of their lives would be right for your family.

It’s not always easy to tell if your family member is struggling to cope with daily living activities. One thing many people do notice, though, is weight loss. In senior citizens, weight loss can be marked. Senior citizens also have different nutritional needs than younger adults. They take more medications, have higher rates of chronic medical conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure and heart disease. If the senior citizen in your life lives alone the chances are greater they may not be eating well.

Are Your Parents  Having Troubles Managing

Personal Or Financial Aspects  Of Their Lives?

Here are signs and causes of malnutrition in senior citizens:

  1. Lack of interest in eating
  2. Lack of interest in cooking
  3. Living alone; no longer having anyone to cook for
  4. Medication changes taste buds and can suppress their appetite
  5. Having to eat a restricted diet – low-fat or low sodium, for example – may make it difficult to know what to cook
  6. Having trouble swallowing
  7. Having trouble chewing because of poor dental health or ill-fitting dentures
  8. The cost of medications may not leave money for groceries
  9. Lack of mobility to get to, and around, a grocery store

How can you help stave off malnutrition?

  1. Make sure the refrigerator and cupboards are stocked with healthy foods
  2. Encourage eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients and not eating processed foods
  3. Cook meals for them that can be frozen and easily re-heated.
  4. Make certain they are drinking sufficient water to prevent dehydration
  5. Ask for help from their family doctor or a nutritionist or sign them up for a Meals-on-Wheels type program that will deliver meals to their door

Ask your aging loved one if they’re struggling with cooking or eating or chewing. Work together to find ways to address any potential dietary issues they are facing, this is especially important if they are determined to age in place. Sometimes, a check-in or taking them to the grocery store can help them lead a healthier life and eat healthier meals.

At  Rochester Elder Law we may be able to help you avoid a guardianship proceeding through advanced planning. Tools to accomplish this include a power of attorney or health care proxy. Choosing an appropriate guardian is a critical decision, since it involves both emotional and financial well-being. We have the experience, understanding and compassion to help you select an appropriate guardian and provide sound legal counsel to them. Learn more about guardianship by contacting us for an initial consultation.

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