Why Do I Need An Attorney For Medicaid Planning?

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The attorneys at Rochester Elder Law get asked frequently, “Why do I need an attorney for Medicaid planning?” The reason it makes sense to work with an elder law attorney is navigating the maze of Medicaid planning and paperwork is confusing for those who are not involved in it daily as the Rochester Elder Law Attorneys are.

Many senior citizens don’t feel they need to work with an elder law attorney for long-term care or Medicaid planning. Seniors avoid contacting an elder law attorney because they are afraid of the cost and are not even certain what an elder law attorney would help with.

Why Do I Need An Attorney For Medicaid Planning?

Here are reasons to work with an elder law attorney for Medicaid planning

  1. An elder law attorney will help prepare the Medicaid application. Be aware the nursing home would prefer its residents “private pay” for care, which could quickly deplete your assets and your estate. Working with an elder law attorney is a way to protect your assets and estate while assuring you get the nursing home care you need.
  2. Our Rochester Elder Law Attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in Medicaid Planning and  Asset Protection. Their breadth and depth of experience is crucial in helping you meet your long-term goals and helping preserve as much of your estate as possible for your heirs. A non-lawyer simply doesn’t have the knowledge necessary to navigate this procedure.
  3. You can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind you and your family have when you work with an elder law attorney. He or she will advise you on ways to preserve assets, properly complete your Medicaid application, and can also help you prepare other legal documents including: Healthcare Proxy, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney and others necessary to plan your estate.

Give Rochester Elder Law call to discuss your Medicaid Planning needs.

  • Teresa B. Schaefer

    I have two support animals, no family, no friends, am older, disabled, poor, I am terrified for the lives of my two dog children. 🙁
    I took care of this .. I am blessed that my nephew will be sure my pets are cared for..
    I got life insurance, mostly to be able to provide for my dogs after death, should I die before them. I’ll definitely get a pet trust.

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