Celebrate National Grandparents Day

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As Rochester Elder Law Attorneys, we work regularly with senior citizens, many of whom may be grandparents. Thus, on September 10, we want to celebrate National Grandparents Day and commemorate both the day and the grandparents in our lives, in the lives of our clients and our clients.

The history of National Grandparents Day

In 1970, history has it, Marian McQuade, a West Virginia homemaker, put forth the idea of encouraging families to reach out to and visit their aging relatives. She started lobbying lawmakers to have a day named to commemorate grandparents. President Jimmy Carter signed it into law in 1978 and National Grandparents Day was born.

How can you celebrate National Grandparents Day?

  1. Create a family tradition. If you live close, get together for the day. Gather as many family members as you can and just have a great time. Set aside time to “interview” your grandparents and have them share stories of their childhood, or how things have changed from when they were children, or when they were first married. Gather these stories and preserve them for future generations.
  2. Create a craft together. Depending on the age of the grandchildren and the health of the grandparents, find a craft that they can enjoy together. It could be as simple as taking beloved family photos and putting them into a family scrapbook.
  3. Have dinner together. Even if you’re usually too busy for a traditional Sunday dinner, try to set aside time on September 10 to do just that. Take them out to dinner, cook a meal at their house or start a tradition that you can carry forward.
  4. Help get prepared for the cooler months ahead. When you’re getting together on National Grandparents Day, spend time getting the house and yard ready for the upcoming winter months. If there are household or yard chores that your aging relatives can’t tackle on their own, plan to help them with that when you’re there.
  5. If you don’t live local, plan a phone call or better yet a video chat. If your relatives are tech savvy get them set up with a computer that you can use to keep in touch via Skype or other video messaging apps to have visual contact.

Celebrating National Grandparents Day doesn’t have to be costly or stressful – it’s a day set aside to simply spend time with family.

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