Why Do I Need An Attorney For Medicaid Planning?

The attorneys at Rochester Elder Law get asked frequently, “Why do I need an attorney for Medicaid planning?” The reason it makes sense to work with an elder law attorney is navigating the maze [...]


President’s Proposed Medicaid Cuts Would Impact Millions

In the United States, Medicaid provides coverage to more than 70 million low-income children, disabled individuals, the elderly and adults. A new budget plan, proposed by President Donald Trump, [...]


President Trump Vows To Repeal The Affordable Care Act

President Trump Vows To Repeal The Affordable Care Act Repealing of the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, was one of President Donald Trump’s campaign healthcare promises. Voting on [...]


Medicare Paying for End of Life Talks

Medicare patients are being urged to discuss advance care planning with their doctors more frequently due to new changes in billing codes. Starting this year, Medicare will allow payments to [...]


Medicare or Obamacare?

If you are approaching age 65 and are currently getting your health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), should you stay on your plan or switch to Medicare?In most cases, you [...]


Care At The End Of Life

A huge issue is how people can obtain the best possible care – and the care they want — at or near the end of life. An editorial in the New York Times describes the ordeal a New York [...]


Medicare Changes Coverage Of Long Term Care

There has been an important change in what Medicare will pay for in terms of long term care. It is the result of the settlement of a class action suit. Before the settlement, Medicare would cover [...]


Private Long-Term Care Program Drawbacks

While everyone has been scrutinizing the Affordable Care Act, another change in the way health care is being delivered and paid for is underway, but without much attention. There are serious [...]


Quick Answers to Your Medicaid Questions

With the changing field of Medicaid, many people have questions concerning how to navigate their health insurance possibilities. A recent article discusses several of these frequently asked [...]


Medicaid Planning: Start Early

Most Americans who reach old age will require end of life care in a skilled-care facility. The cost of this care is staggering, and it will only continue to grow. Therefore, a recent article [...]

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