Take The Stress Out Of Estate Planning

When people think of estate planning, they tend to want to run the other way and shut down the conversation. Miles Zatkowsky, a Rochester Elder Law Attorney, understands this and he and his legal [...]


The Benefits Of Estate Planning

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Do I Need Estate Planning? I Don’t Own A House

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Reasons To Avoid Estate Planning

Who will make your healthcare decisions for you when you are incapacitated? Who will pay your bills and be in charge of your finances? If you have avoided estate planning and speaking with a [...]


2017 New Year’s Financial And Legal Resolutions

Do you have New Year’s financial and legal resolutions for 2017? Making New Year’s resolutions is an ideal way to assess your life, health, family connections and finances. The truth is, not many [...]


Four Documents You Must Have

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Estate Planning Mistakes By Celebrities

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Life Changes That Signal It Is Time to Get a Will

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Don’t Allow Divorce Derail Retirement Plans

The divorce of a long-married couple can be especially tough when it comes to retirement and estate plans. Assets, particularly retirement accounts, can require the complete revision of in-place [...]


Estate Planning for your Pets

What will happen to your pets when you die? Usually, they will end up in a shelter where, if not adopted, they too will die. But one method pet owners can prevent that is to include your pets in [...]