How To Leave Property To Your Children

How To Leave Property To Your Children When planning your estate and the disposition of your property after your death, you may be wondering about the best ways in which to leave property to your [...]


Retain Your Money In Your Family

The inheritance you want to bequest to your heirs could be swallowed up by taxes and expenses. But there are ways to prevent that. An article in US News lists five strategies to help keep your [...]


Estate Planning Blunders

There are many common mistakes people make when they are doing their estate planning. Here are a few, as listed in a story on consumerreports.org. They include: You feel you are too young or [...]


Three Big Estate Planning Errors

Way too many people are trying to handle their estate planning without the help of an attorney or financial advisor, says an article on thestreet.com. Actually, 38 percent of those with [...]


Estate Planning For The Blended Family

In estate planning, it can be more tricky when a blended family is involved. In many cases, family dynamics can become permanently ruffled. With the number of remarriages rising, many families [...]


When An Elderly Relative Gives Away Money

What can you do when you find out an aged parent or other relative has been giving away large sums of money to an unrelated caregiver or someone else? In a post on elderlawanswers.com, a writer [...]


Coach Was Generous and Smart

The late basketball coach Dean Smith of the University of North Carolina got a lot of publicity over leaving $200 to each of about 180 players he coached over the years. But notice how he did it. [...]


Mike Nichols Did It The Smart Way

When fabled movie director Mike Nichols died recently, a story in the New York Daily News said that he “left his estate to his widow, Diane Sawyer, and his three adult children.” The article went [...]


What To Consider When Picking Heirs

Who is going to get your money when you die? A story in Forbes says the most difficult part of estate planning is determining who gets what and when. The article says the process is emotional and [...]


Rivers’s Pets Will Be Taken Care Of

Comedian Joan Rivers did a thoughtful job taking care of her family in her will – and didn’t forget her pets. Rivers had a simple estate plan. Unmarried at her death, she left the bulk of [...]

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