Estate Planning Step By Step

Lots of people dread the process of estate planning. However, it can be made easier if done step-by-step, according to an article on emporiagazette,com. Step 1. Buy life insurance. If something [...]


When An Elderly Relative Gives Away Money

What can you do when you find out an aged parent or other relative has been giving away large sums of money to an unrelated caregiver or someone else? In a post on elderlawanswers.com, a writer [...]


Estate Planning’s Trump Card

The scenario: Fran’s husband, Ed, died recently. Then she learns that his life insurance proceeds are going to his first wife, Sally. She calls her lawyer, incredulously, believing that this [...]


Revocable Living Trust A Key Tool

A revocable living trust is a key state planning tool that is used to determine who gets what when you die. Most of these living trusts are “revocable” because you can change them as your [...]


Free Symposium On Aging And Dementia – June 6th

Symposium focuses on African-Americans and Alzheimer’s The Alzheimer’s Association Rochester & Finger Lakes Region and Mt. Olivet Baptist Church will host a free symposium on aging and [...]